Class Descriptions

MIXED LEVEL: open to all - including newer students looking for a challenge. Appropriate for advanced beginners.
OPEN LEVEL: open to anyone w/ or w/out without yoga experience. Appropriate for Beginners.

20/20/20 (Mixed Level)

Three classes in one!! This class is designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck. 20 minutes - strength training using the TRX, weights, resistance bands, and/or body weight.
20 minutes - yoga flow to increase flexibility, improve posture, and feel the mind-body connection.
20 minutes - structured breathwork to reduce stress, improve respiratory health & reduce fluctuations of the mind. Class ends in a seated meditation to allow everything to settle and experience the art of being with yourself.

ALIGN & FLOW (Mixed Level)

A bit of alignment and a bit of flow. We move and breathe, taking time to pause and feel, observe and adjust. Class is designed around the alignment principles of a specific pose or groups of poses that are meant to educate the body and mind in a meaningful way. Appropriate for advanced beginners or beginners. Modifications and variations are offered to make it accessible to anyone.

BACK HEALTH (Open Level)

The class will address common muscle imbalances in the body that result in pain OR occur because of an injury. We focus on ways to cope with the physical, mental, and emotional complications of back pain. Connect with others and the common goal of creating a stronger body and mind so that we can lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Together we will move and breathe through common yoga poses, strengthening, and mobility exercises in different ways and modify them based on your individual needs.


This class combines a yoga flow w/ Kundalini for a unique practice to balance the energy centers of the body. Includes movement, chanting, affirmations, mantras, and meditation in accordance with each Chakra, or energy center. Open to all levels; perfect for those who have a desire to dive deep into the inner knowledge of their energy centers and bring balance and harmony to mind, body & spirit.

FLOW & RESTORE (Mixed Level)

Ground yourself in movement, connect with your breath, and surrender it on the mat. Slow mindful flow and deep relaxation come together to bring you balance and ease.


Settle down from the week with breathing, movement, mindfulness and community. Class starts with a slow, dynamic flow that is sure to free up stagnant energy - progress into more static poses to go inward and be with the breath. End with restorative poses and a guided meditation. This class offers variations and modifications for students of all levels.


Learn the basics of moving the body on the breath as you begin or progress your practice. The class will focus on educating students about the practice of yoga; progressively moving the body and connecting poses together step by step. Perfect for those new to yoga, coming back from a break, or looking for refinement in their practice.


Perfect for beginners, those easing back into their practice, or if you just want a chill class. Slow delicious movement on the breath to stretch out and center yourself. Time will be taken within each pose for students to move, adjust, and explore. Class will include modifications & variations. Appropriate for all levels and prenatal students.

POP UPS (Open Level)

Various classes taught by different Instructors - changes weekly. Check schedule for info.


Relax deeply with slow breath centered and rhythmic movement. Enjoy deep stretches to help you connect your body and breath. Class will end with a guided meditation and supported posture for final relaxation.

TRX YOGA (Mixed Level)

Gain strength and mobility using the TRX Suspension system. Boost core strength and access more difficult poses with the support and leverage of the suspension trainer. Guided into optimal alignment, we use the straps as a prop to deepen our practice, open up the body, and receive feedback. This practice will offer you different challenges and different assistance at the same time.